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Routers and modems

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Newel 2 generation products including DIC and DIW and Newel 1 generation products

Commercial brochures and flyers

Digitel control for commercial refrigeration (Newel 3)

Refrigeration, HVAC and lighting are managed from the same Teleswin monitoring software, which also allows remote management. The DC58 central unit allows the connection up to 600 controllers…

Digitel control for installations up to 8 satellites (Pro Light 8)

The new Digitel Pro Light control system is designed for small refrigeration installations that do not require more than 8 controllers

Digitel control for transcritical CO2

The gradual reduction in the use of fluorinated gases has led to the use of more environmentally friendly refrigerants. With its high heat transfer efficiency, CO2 has quietly emerged as the natural refrigerant of the future. High-efficiency technological developments, such as ejectors and parallel compressors, have given a new perspective to CO2 refrigeration in both cold and warm climates...

Digitel process control for growth chamber and bakeries

In backeries, the use of a controlled proofing chamber allows various methods of dough fermentation to be applied, to slow down, block or activate the fermentation…


We support you from the design stage to after-sales service.

The functionality offered by the controllers and the TelesWin monitoring software is rich. It would be a pity not to exploit it fully. Digitel provides various levels of training for refrigeration installers and users who are required to handle our products.

  1. Introductory training
    For each new customer’s first installation, Digitel offers a one-day training session, usually when the installation is commissioned. This training allows the refrigeration engineer to benefit from the assistance of our experts and to become familiar with the Digitel products during the initial training.
  2. Advanced training
    Advanced training is recommended for all users who regularly use Digitel products and who are looking to optimise the operation of the installation. The following topics can be covered in depth during these courses:
  • energy saving features,
  • advanced functions allowing the optimisation of the operation of the installation (floating HP, floating LP, defrost optimisation, enthalpy-based window heating, transcritical CO2 installations, ejectors, heat recovery…),
  • advanced system functions (PLC, network variables, timers, grouped alarms, etc.),
  • interoperability (addition of third party products, Modbus TCP interface),
  • Advanced features of the TelesWin software (commissioning assistance, parameter copies, synoptics, controller replacement, etc.).
  1. After-sales training
    This course is specifically designed for installers or refrigeration engineers who have to service a refrigeration installation equipped with Digitel controllers and who have not had the opportunity to attend the introductory course.

Customised training courses according to the needs and wishes of the client are also available.

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