Pioneer in smart control solutions since 1989

Digitel provides high-end control, monitoring and remote management solutions for your high-performance installations: cold production, heat recovery, controlled atmosphere chambers, growth chambers, special or custom installations


Digitel’s control solutions are designed to simplify the life of the installer and the user, from the design of the installation to its supervision.


30 years of expertise and thousands of installations in service. Digitel is a pioneer in the remote control and management of installations that require a high degree of performance and reliability.


Digitel strives to constantly innovate by developing smart tools and features ahead of their time.

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As a specialist in high-end control solutions – and nothing else – proximity to our customers is our strength.

The advantages of Digitel controllers in three points

    Digitel’s universal controllers cover a wide range of applications, making it easy to design your installation. Digitel’s PLC is a powerful and unique tool that allows you to reallocate or modify the inputs/outputs of each controller to provide maximum flexibility at the design stage. Digitel also makes your life easier by offering a turnkey service for the design and construction of electrical panels.
    Automatic addressing of Digitel control modules saves you valuable time during start-up. Our experts are at your disposal to help you with the first use of our products.
    The Teleswin supervision software, which has won awards from our customers for its ease of use, allows combined on-site or remote management of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting. Digitel’s easy-to-adjust PID controllers allow the system to be adjusted as closely as possible to the setpoint, and Digitel’s extensive energy optimisation tools allow the system to be operated with reduced energy impact.

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A selection of our products and solutions

Digitel - Modules de regulation
Newel 3 range of controllers

A universal multi-functional controller suitable for many applications. Simplifiez vos installations!

Digitel - automate virtuel
100% virtual programmable controller (PLC)

Create and customise functions to suit your needs with the PLC

Custom solutions and non-standard installations

Digitel’s expertise is at your disposal to create customised applications

Digitel - Gestion globale du bâtiment
Global building management

Global management solutions: cooling, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and energy management.