Simplified overall management

Refrigeration, HVAC and lighting are managed from the same TelesWin monitoring software, which also allows remote management.

Easy to use and offering intuitive visual interfaces, Teleswin is highly appreciated by our customers and users.

Newel 3

The advantages of Digitel controllers in three points

    Digitel’s universal controllers cover a wide range of applications, making it easy to design your installation. Digitel’s PLC is a powerful and unique tool that allows you to reallocate or modify the inputs/outputs of each controller to provide maximum flexibility at the design stage. Digitel also makes your life easier by offering a turnkey service for the design and construction of electrical panels.
    Automatic addressing of Digitel control modules saves you valuable time during start-up. Our experts are at your disposal to help you with the first use of our products.
    The Teleswin supervision software, which has won awards from our customers for its ease of use, allows combined on-site or remote management of refrigeration, HVAC and lighting. Digitel’s easy-to-adjust PID controllers allow the system to be adjusted as closely as possible to the setpoint, and Digitel’s extensive energy optimisation tools allow the system to be operated with reduced energy impact.

Digitel's DC24D/DE controller: a universal multi-function controller suitable for many applications. Simplify your installations!

Newel 3

The Newel 3 range simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of refrigeration installations thanks to the reduced number of universal controllers that can be adapted to different applications.

The multi-functional DC24D module can be used for the following control functions:

Your benefits

A flexible and powerful controller
Five inputs for temperature sensors, two digital inputs, one 0-10V input, one 4-20mA input and two analogue outputs (in the DC24D version).
Less stock for repairs
The universal DC24D/DC24E modules can be adapted to different applications - reducing your stock of spare parts.
Simple to implement/time saving
The same controller can be installed independently of its final application. Each controller is then detected and its network settings are automatically configured by the central unit (plug and play).

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Central unit DC58

The central unit allows the connection of up to 600 controllers.

Newel 3

Smart and economical modes of operation

Digitel has developed a number of operating modes that provide significant savings, such as Interact, defrost optimization, window heater cables control and continuous electronic expansion valve control.