Programmable Logic Controller

Customise the functions to your needs with the PLC

Digitel offers a unique, cutting-edge, integrated PLC function, with no other product on the market offering the same ease and flexibility of use.

In traditional PLCs, only the inputs and outputs of the PLC (which is a module added specifically for this purpose) can be used for the creation of new functions.

Digitel’s PLC can access all the controllers in the plant that are there to perform the usual functions (control of cooling units, compressors etc). It can modify their standard operation and use the free inputs and outputs to create new features.

In brief:

  • Tailor-made programming for optimal use. With the PLC, the user can easily use the free inputs and outputs of all controllers and reallocate them to other functions. It can also change the standard operation of all outputs.
  • A flexible tool The operation of the system can be precisely adapted to the requirements and can be improved / changed after commissioning or during normal operation of the system without changing the wiring.
  • Easy to access. A rich library of ready-to-use functions is available, without any programming. In addition, a wide range of applications can be developed by the user.

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Energy saving tools

A full range of smart tools to reduce the energy impact of installations.

Today more than ever, it is essential to save energy in order to minimise the environmental impact. For many years, Digitel has been developing powerful energy saving tools to ensure the cost-effective operation of a refrigeration plant and to accelerate its payback.

Heat recovery, shutdowns of unused units, enthalpy-based window heating, defrost optimisation, heat recovery, the Interact function and lighting management are all directly integrated into our system and are powerful energy-saving tools.

Monitoring of cooling units with an artificial intelligence (AI Energy) algorithm can detect excessive consumption and report it to the relevant people.

AI Energy

Energy monitoring tool – detect over-consumption

AI Energy (Energy monitoring by Artificial Intelligence) is a new energy monitoring tool developed by Digitel. Using artificial intelligence algorithms, it finds the relationship between the environmental parameters and the usual consumption of each cooling units. The parameters taken into account are temperature, humidity, general power consumption, day of the week, time of day, etc.

Based on the measurement of these parameters, the system continuously calculates the expected consumption of each cabinet. It compares the values obtained with the actual consumption and reports any overruns.

In this way, AI Energy accurately detects excess consumption for each individual unit, caused, for example, by incorrect loading of the goods, an incorrectly closed door, a freeze-up or a malfunction of the unit or the refrigeration installation.

In brief:

  • Better visibility of excess energy consumption You will be alerted to any degradation in the efficiency of the installation and AI Energy provides you with an excellent tool for tracing its cause.

The control systems of the refrigeration units and the control systems of he compressors are in constant communication with each other. The Interact function makes full use of the possibilities offered by this exchange of information and establishes close coordination between production and refrigeration consumers. The switching on and off of the cooling units is no longer random. They are under the management of the compressor control.

When the pressure drops, Interact switches on units with high enough temperatures, instead of switching off a compressor. Conversely, when the pressure rises, instead of engaging a compressor, the control system tries to stop the units whose temperatures are close to the set points.

In brief:

  • A smart tool for optimal performance conditions. Interact continuously adapts the power demanded by the cooling stations and the power supplied by the plant. It ensures that compressors, variable speed drives and evaporators operate under conditions of optimum efficiency.
  • Improved accuracy of low pressure regulation
  • Stabilisation of compressor operation. The number of times the compressors are switched on can be divided up to 10 times.
  • Energy savings. Energy savings of over 5% can be achieved.

Global site management

The advanced communication tools between different modules (PLC functions, network variables, timers, etc.) offer the possibility of global building management. Refrigeration, heating, ventilation, lighting and energy management can all be managed with our platform. This allows for the reduction of energy consumption and optimisations required in modern installations.

Connectivity and interoperability

In order to be able to integrate third-party products into our system, we are developing drivers to connect equipment from other manufacturers to our fieldbus.

The Modbus TCP option allows our system to be connected to a higher level supervision. This will allow it to access data from our controllers.

A Backnet gateway is also available.