TelesWin monitoring software

Simple and efficient monitoring and management of refrigeration installations

A refrigeration installation equipped with the DC58 central unit can be monitored and managed by one or more PCs on site and/or remotely using the TelesWin supervision software. Connections between the PCs and the central unit are made via a direct cable, LAN or the Internet.

In brief:

  • Software that has won awards from our customers for its user-friendliness and ease of use. TelesWin is a remote operation and management software that offers a simple, user-friendly and efficient interface. Its handling is highly appreciated by users and saves time thanks to ergonomics designed from the outset for an optimal user experience.
  • Simple configuration of the controllers. No special computer skills are required to set the parameters of the controllers. It is possible to copy settings between different modules in different installations and to create parameters templates.
  • A clear overview of the facilities. TelesWin automatically generates global views of the installation. Thanks to pre-configured images, the displays can be adapted to the configuration of the refrigeration units and indicate their status unambiguously The user can also easily create customised views of the installation, using drawings, images and photos specific to the environment.
  • Data recording and traceability. The data is presented in the form of daily, weekly, monthly or annual reports and histories. The recorded data can be exported to other software.
  • Reporting of technical alarms
    Alarms are reported:
    – on site by contacts,
    – remotely by Internet, email, SMS, etc
    – to different groups of recipients according to their source, nature and priority

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TelesWin mobile application

With the TelesWin Mobile application, you can now consult and control your installations at any time from your mobile phone or tablet.

You can :

  • View the current values of the measurement points
  • Change most settings
  • See the curves of the recordings
  • View and acknowledge current alarms
  • Use special functions to start a defrost, stop or force start a controller
  • Easily replace a controller by following the support function