With over 30 years of experience, Digitel has specialised in commercial refrigeration control systems and has made this its area of expertise. Today, thousands of supermarkets and shops are equipped with Digitel controllers.

The Newel 3 range of products has all the functionalities required to ensure the complete management of commercial refrigeration installations. They ensure, among other things, the regulation of cooling stations, compressor units, condensers, the reduction of the power of heater cables for windows and frames according to enthalpy, heat recovery, etc. All new refrigerants are managed.

The TelesWin supervision software allows for simple and efficient management of the installation.

Cooling units

Digitel provides the tools to manage all refrigeration equipment. Five temperature sensors and one pressure sensor can be connected to one controller. Several defrosting modes, including an intelligent defrosting optimisation mode, are available. Pulse-width modulated electronic expansion valve or electronic expansion valves with progressive opening (using a step motor) can be managed. Two digital inputs can be used as door contacts or alarm contacts. They can also offset the setpoint, turn off the unit or control the light.
For stations without defrost, the same controller can manage cooling and heating with a neutral zone.

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Compressors, condensers

In pressure control mode, Digitel’s Newel 3 range of controllers manage the compressor units and condensers. All optimisation and monitoring functions such as equalization of the service time, speed variator control, floating HP and floating LP, load shedding, anti-short cycle, safety monitoring, oil return control etc. are available. The management of cascades and boosters is also ensured.

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Transcritical CO2

Digitel provides a full range of controllers and monitoring tools to manage transcritical CO2 installations. All the tools to increase the efficiency of these installations (heat recovery, optimisation of HP and gas cooler set points, parallel compressors, ejectors) are available. A user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy to understand and maintain these increasingly complex installations.

Download our brochure to learn more about the advantages of our control and remote management system for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems:

PDF Brochure Transcritical CO2

These technologies are still under development. New ideas emerge, old ones are challenged. Digitel’s PLC function is a valuable tool for adapting the installation to changes and for experimenting. This is because it allows the operation of the installation to be modified and new functions to be added without having to intervene in the wiring.

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A humidifier and a dehumidifier can be controlled by the universal controllers DC24D/DE or DC24E/EE. The humidity sensors are connected in 4-20mA or 0 to 10V. Two programmable contacts (alarm contact, stop contact or setpoint offset contact) are available.

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Programmable inputs / outputs

In input/output mode, the modules have three inputs that can be configured as inputs for temperature sensors or as “on/off” inputs, two digital inputs, one 4-20mA input, one 0-10V input, one alarm output, three relay outputs and one RS485 communication bus for connecting various sensors or sensors of the same type. The outputs can be controlled with the digital inputs or with the sensors. This makes it possible to implement several different functions with the same module, such as time-controlled switch of the light, thermostat, hygrostat, pressure switch or gas concentration control.

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Heater cables for window displays

The windows and handrails of refrigeration units are heated to prevent condensation and frost on their surfaces. In their factory settings, the power of the heater cables is calculated for the most unfavourable conditions. These extreme conditions occur quite rarely.

With an intelligent mode that calculates the dew point, the Digitel DC24DTP controller reduces the heating power to the minimum necessary based on the actual humidity and temperature conditions in the shop. This dynamic management mode allows substantial energy savings.

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Gas concentration monitoring

When using CO2 as a refrigerant, measurement and monitoring of the CO2 concentration in the refrigerated rooms is mandatory. Digitel offers a simple solution, as the CO2 sensors can be connected directly to the DC24D/DE controllers that run the cooling unit or compressor plants. With this integrated solution, there are no additional modules or cables and the cost of installation is reduced. Alarm panels and an audible alarm can be controlled by the module.

CO2 concentrations and CO2 alarms can be read remotely with the TelesWin monitoring software.

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