Process control with electronic impulse expansion valve

Processes, growth chambers. Controller for temperature, hygrometry and fan speed according to the curves pre-programmed by the user.

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Technical documentation
Processes, growth chambersyes
White display yes
      PT 10005
      0-10 V yes
      4-20 mA no
      Triac (24-230 VAC)1
Power supply 230 VAC
Remote monitoring bus interfaceyes
Clock yes
Electronic expansion valve yes
Local bus for extensions no
Power supply
            Supply voltage 110-250 VAC, 50-60Hz
            Maximum input power3 W
Protection rating 1
Contamination rating 2
Overvoltage category II
Conditions of use
            Temperature 0-40°C
            Humidity 0-80% (without condensation)
Breaking capacity of relays outputsinductive load 3 A 250 VAC, resistive load 8 A 250 VAC
Breaking capacity of triac outputinductive load 1 A 250 VAC, resistive load 1 A 250 VAC
Clock – reserve operating margin 4 days
Input 0-10 V range of measurement: 0-10 V

Cooling unit