Universal controller

Universal controller

DIN rail housing, display, 230 VAC power supply, 4 relays, 2 analog outputs, 5 PT1000 inputs, 1 0-10 V input, 1 4-20 mA input, 2 digital inputs, bus interface, clock, plug-in terminals.

The DC24D module is a universal controller that performs measurement, monitoring and control functions for the following applications

• control of cooling units (MT and LT refrigeration) with thermostatic expansion valve,
• compressor control,
• condenser control,
• hygrometry control,
• gas concentration control,
• management of air conditioning and lighting zones,
• input-output mode.

The module is mounted on DIN rails.

The DC24D module can be programmed from the Teleswin supervision software or directly from the keys on the front panel. The integrated display shows the values measured by the connected sensors and is used for programming the parameters.

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Technical documentation
Management of cooling unitsyes
Management of compressors yes (up to 12 compressors with 3 extension modules)
Hygrometry yes
Programmable inputs-outputs yes
Concentration of gazes yes
Air-conditioning - cooling/heatingyes
Management of lighting areas yes
White display yes
      PT 10005 (also compatible with the probes: NTC 10K/25°C, L.243, KTY81)
      0-10 V yes
      4-20 mAyes
      Digital 2
      Relays 4
      Analogue yes
Power supply230 VAC
Remote monitoring bus interfaceyes
Clock yes
Electronic expansion valve no
Local bus for extensionsyes
Power supply
            Supply voltage 110-250 VAC, 50-60Hz
            Maximum input power 4 W
Protection rating 1
Contamination rating 2
Overvoltage category II
Conditions of use
            Temperature 0-40°C
            Humidity 0-80% (without condensation)
Breaking capacity of relays outputsinductive load 6 A 250 VAC, resistive load 10 A 250 VAC
Clock – reserve operating margin4 days
Input 0-10 V range of measurement: 0-10 V
Input 4-20 mA range of measurement: 4-20 mA

Cooling unit

Compressors and condensers management

CO₂ monitoring

Inputs-outputs mode

Hygrometry control

Hygrometry sensor 0-10V

Hygrometry sensor 4-20mA

Unit with several evaporators

Light sensor control

Analogue output