CHF 123.00

Central unit for remote monitoring and management, up to 64 modules

Central monitoring unit, 64 satellite version

DIN rail housing, 230 VAC power supply, 1 communication bus, micro SD card, LAN/Ethernet connection. For the connection of up to 64 modules.

The DC58 central unit enables the Digitel control system to be connected to a remote management and supervision network, using the Teleswin software.
The Teleswin software allows the user to obtain all the data on the current status of the installation (temperatures, humidity, status of inputs and outputs, etc.). It is also possible to remotely modify all the parameters, to manage alarms or to control functions (such as a forced defrosting cycle, the stop or forced operation of a sation).

The central monitoring unit is equipped with a memory card and can also store all important system data periodically. The recording frequency is programmable.

The DC58 central unit is mounted on DIN rails.

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Technical documentation
Remote management of the installation
Communication bus RS4851 bus, galvanically isolated
Data backupmicro SD card
Satellite connection 64
Power supply 230 VAC
Power supply
            Supply voltage 110-250 VAC, 50-60Hz
            Maximum input power -
Protection rating 1
Contamination rating 2
Overvoltage category II
Conditions of use
            Temperature 0-40°C
            Humidity 0-80% (without condensation)
Clock – reserve operating margin4 days

Remote management

SMS alarm