The Newel 3 range is suitable for all types of supermarkets, from small local shops to the largest hypermarkets with over 300 cabinets. The most advanced technologies for reducing environmental impact and operating costs are available.

Learn more about our control and remote management solutions for food retailing by downloading our brochure:

Newel 3 PDF brochure

With the newly developed small shop solution, the heat recovered from the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system covers the entire heating needs of the offices and sales area.

Digitel Pro Light 8 is specifically designed for small stores and can manage up to 8 satellites (for example one controller for the compressor group and seven controllers for the refrigeration furniture). The offer is built according to the needs of the end customer – with or without remote management.

Find out more about our new refrigeration control system for smaller refrigeration installations by downloading our brochure:

Pro Light 8 PDF brochure


  • France: Auchan, Casino, Champion, Intermarché, Leclerc, Simply, Super U
  • Germany: Combi, EDEKA, Famila, Kaufland, Kaufhof, Jibi
  • Switzerland: Migros, Manor, Growa, LOEB, PAM
  • Poland: Champion, Intermarché, Lewiatan, Polo, Twój Market, Mila, Iglomen, Iglotex

Hotels and restaurants

Digitel controllers are well suited to refrigeration management in hotel and restaurant kitchens. We have also carried out numerous large-scale central kitchen installations.

Our Pro Light 8 control system has proven to be an asset for the management of refrigeration installations in this sector:

Pro Light 8 PDF brochure


  • France: Centralized kitchen in Argenteuil and Cannes, SNECMA Paris
  • Germany: Central kitchen in Dürrrörsdorf.
    Berlin Sch., Düsseldorf, Frankfurt airports
    Gate Gourmet in Berlin and Nürnberg
  • Switzerland: Hotels Julen, Mama and Rex in Zermatt, Hotel Walliserhof in Saas-Fee
  • Other: Lufthansa airports in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malmö, Stockholm, Cairo.
    Gate Gourmet in Amsterdam and Shanghai.

Industries, laboratories and hospitals

In most cases, this type of installation can be carried out with our standard products. Sometimes industrial installations require special features and functionality. In partnership with the designer, Digitel quickly develops tailor-made solutions that are precisely adapted to the needs.
Often the installer can also develop functions using the PLC integrated in our products.


  • Poland: Bridgestone plant in Poznań
    Warsaw University of Technology, University of Poznań
    Bloodcentre in Poznań
    Slaughterhouse in Manieczki, Czechy and Mierzęcice
    Freezing tunnel Virtu
    Distribution centres Polomarket, Mila
  • Germany: University of Paderborn
    Hospitals of Chemnitz, Berlin Vivantes, Bergisch-Gladbach.
    Slaughterhouse Sutter GmbH in Gau-Bickelheim.
    Wasserwerke in Berlin
  • Switzerland: Lonza plant in Visp
    IES Institute in Witterswil.
    Hospitals in Brig, Visp, Olten, Altersheim Susten, Central Institute in Sion

Fruit and vegetable warehouses

Digitel also provides specialised controllers for the management of large fruit and vegetable warehouses. They take care of the regulation of temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, ethylene, etc. in controlled atmosphere rooms.


  • Switzerland: Fruit and vegetable warehouses: Les Vergers de Féchy in Féchy, Michel Bessard SA in Conthey, Thury Richard et Fils SA in Etoy, Gruber Cultures Maraîchères SA in Pailly.

Bakeries, nurseries, process

Growth chambers or laboratories often need specific programmes where temperature, humidity and fan speed follow precisely predefined curves set by the user. For example, in bakeries, the dough must be kept under strictly defined and time-varying temperature and humidity conditions for several hours before being put in the oven. These conditions change depending on the variety of bread or pastry to be baked.

With the DC24PROC modules integrated into Digitel’s Teleswin remote control system, the user can create up to 100 different temperature, humidity and fan speed programs. During operation, the user can launch the selected program by clicking on it on a touch screen.

Our Pro Light 8 control system has proven to be an asset for the management of refrigeration installations in this sector:

Process growth chamber PDF brochure


  • Switzerland: Steinmann, Berger, Nyffeneger, Felder, Bohnenblust, Bäkerforum bakeries