Enthalpy-based power controller for heater cables for windows

Enthalpy-dependent power control of heating cables

DIN rail housing, display, 230 VAC power supply, 1 triac 230 VAC output, 1 PT1000 input, 1 0-10 V input for humidity sensor, bus interface, plug-in terminals.

The DC24DTP module reduces the heating power of the window heaters to the minimum necessary. It measures the ambient temperature and humidity, calculates the dew point temperature and adjusts the power of the heating cables.

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Technical documentation
Heater cables for windows, doorframes yes
White display yes
      PT 10001
      0-10 V yes
      Triac (24-230 VAC) 1
Power supply 230 VAC
Remote monitoring bus interfaceyes
Clock yes
Electronic expansion valve no
Local bus for extensionsyes
Power supply
            Supply voltage 110-250 VAC, 50-60Hz
            Maximum input power 4 W
Protection rating 1
Contamination rating 2
Overvoltage category II
Conditions of use
            Temperature 0-40°C
            Humidity 0-80% (without condensation)
Breaking capacity of triacs outputsinductive load 1A 250 VAC, resistive load 1A 250 VAC
Clock – reserve operating margin 4 jours
Input 0-10 V range of measurement: 0-10 V
Minimal current of triac output11 mA

Heater cables for windows