Digital display Newel 3

Remote digital display

Boîtier encastrable IP65, alimentation 9-24 VAC/DC.

The DC10A display allows to display measured values of DC24 controllers.

The display can be connected in two configurations:

1. By connecting the display to the communication bus between the central unit and the controllers of the system, you can display the desired values of any Digitel NEWEL3 controller connected to the same bus.

2. By connecting the display to the local communication bus, the display can show the values of the controller (DC24D/DE) to which it is connected.

The DC10A display can be mounted in the front panel of a cabinet or integrated in a display case.

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Technical documentation
Compressors, condensers
Programmable inputs / outputs
Gas concentration
Air conditioning - cooling/heating
White display yes
Power supply 9-24 VAC
Remote monitoring bus interfaceyes
Power supply
            Supply voltage 9-24 VDC
            Maximum input power 2 W
Protection rating 1
Contamination rating 2
Overvoltage category II
Conditions of use
            Temperature 0-40°C
            Humidity 0-80% (without condensation)

Local bus connection

Bus connection